Stunt Coordinator Testimonials From DGA
(Directors Guild Of America) Directors, Writers & Producers

  • Jay Roach: Director / Writer / Producer and Winner of 4 PrimeTime Emmys “Todd Bryant is a major talent in the stunt world.  He stands out among the standouts, some of which I’ve been lucky enough to work with.   He worked miracles for me on THE CAMPAIGN. Both as a stunt coordinator and as a stunt player.   He thinks like a director and a Navy Seal, and he moves like a cross between a dancer and a ninja.  I’d trust him with anything, including my life (which I actually did, once, in a speeding swerving, car at high speed, while shooting a hilarious action shot that Todd designed for our film.)  I look forward to working with Todd again and again.”

  • Steve Oedekerk: Director / Writer / Producer.. Emmy Winner and Oscar Nominee “My personal experience working with Todd Bryant was nothing short of impressive.  Smart, talented, professional, resourceful, with the ability to finish any and all stunt coordination demands at superior quality, on time and on budget.”

  • Matt Piedmont: Director/ Writer / Producer – “Todd Bryant is a force to be reckoned with and truly a major asset for any stunt coordinating work.  Talented and passionate, he brings creative artistry and skill, as well as true professionalism to the set.  I look forward to working with him on my future projects!”

  • Sam Hurwitz: Producer / Director / Writer “I have worked with Todd Bryant on many occasions. I have chosen Todd to work with me because of his Professionalism and his work ethic. I consider Todd to be one of the best and safest in the business and recommend him highly to any production that is looking to hire either a Stunt Coordinator or a Stunt Man.”

  • John Radulovic: Producer / Production Manager / 1st AD “Mr. Bryant is as gifted and talented a stunt person as I have ever worked with. He posses exactly what all stunt people should, the ability to ascertain what is necessary for the job at hand. We in the production business are always looking for that bit of magic to make our work in the movies, television, and commercials just that believable. I cannot Recommend Todd Bryant enough. I just hope he has time to work on my next picture.” (excerpts from letter below)

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