Actor Training / Stunt Coordinator
For Lead & Supporting Actors

Stunt Training for specific skills and action sequences

There are many occasions where lead and supporting actors need to be trained for a specific skill in which they are to be involved in a stunt or action sequence. I can bring actors up to speed with both the skill and knowledge that they will need to feel very able to perform what is required for each specific stunt or action sequence.

stunt coordinator for the CHOSEN

Actors Milo Ventimiglia and Chad Michael Murray fight it out in season 2 of Sony Crackle’s CH:OS:EN TV Series


Stunt Training For Actors

Actor Steve Oedekerk and actress Jennifer Tung rehearse their fight scene in the cult classic movieĀ  “KUNG POW! ENTER THE FIST”


Actor Training

Actress Genesis Rodriguez on my wire rig pushed over the railing by actor Gael Garcia Bernal in the comedy “CASA DE MI PADRE” staring Will Ferrell.